Well established companies face their own legal headaches. When businesses grow legal concerns are placed on the back burner.  Decisions are made based on profit and growth rather than legal risk and compliance.

Unfortunately, policies and procedures that once worked when your business was just starting out have become outdated. 

Your business partners may have adopted a corporate compliance program with which you must comply or you may have to create one of your own. 

Bryan promotes the philosophy of preventative law. In other words, regular checkups to evaluate the current legal situation at a company to address immediate needs coupled with near and long term legal planning.




  • Audit of Legal Issues (Litigation, Employment, Corporate Structure, Legal Expenses)
  • Corporate Governance/Compliance (policies assessed and drafted)
  • Protection of Confidential Information
  • Training Seminars (harassment, discrimination, independent contractor and other legal issues)

  • Contracts (procedures, terms, conditions and forms created - bailments, consignments, strategic alliances, joint ventures, lease agreements, licenses, employment agreements)
  • Human Resource (employee handbook and other policies and procedures)
  • Liens and Collections
  • Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales

  • Arbitrations and mediations
  • Disputes with competitors and contractors
  • Litigation (product liability, negligence, premises, breach of contract and labor)
  • Officer and Director liability

 Here is a brief list of services Bryan offers to larger corporations: