Allow me take a moment to tell you about myself.  I was born and raised in Ohio and, after graduating from the University of Toledo Law School in 1980, moved to Michigan where I met my wife of 34 years.   My wife and I have two beautiful daughters. I am a worship leader in my church, a painter and an accomplished musician.

       What I have learned over the years is that people either don't know what their legal needs are or try to handle their legal needs on their own. Far too many wait until there is a crisis before they call a lawyer.  By then it's often too late. Some individuals are afraid to call a lawyer.  Some do nothing and are taken advantage of by the system.  Others think they can't afford a lawyer. 

      Inevitably, small mistakes are made and they eventually add up and cause unnecessary stress in our lives or ruin the success of a business. Details matter. I try to help individuals and businesses assess their current situation, avoid mistakes and deal with their current legal needs. As a sole practitioner I don't have the overhead most attorneys do so my services are reasonable and affordable. As an attorney, I aggressively fight for my clients. My record of obtaining favorable results, and providing value to my clients, is well-established. 

       I have decided to devote my practice to representing just a few clients which allows me to get to know you, your needs and goals so that I can help you develop a personal legal plan crafted specifically to meet your needs. You deserve personalized attention.  If I don't have the expertise to handle a particular need I will find you someone who can.

    Here is my personal commitment to you: 

          I will learn and understand your unique legal needs and expectations and make certain the legal services I provide exceed those needs and expectations. 

          I will consistently deliver reliable, accurate and responsible legal services, in the most cost effective way possible (alternatives to standard hourly billing are willingly discussed and provided). 

          I will regularly and promptly communicate with you, keeping you fully informed on all legal work being performed. 

      Don't try to handle your legal concerns on your own or wait until they become unmanageable. Please allow me to devote the time and attention you and/or your company deserve to help you succeed. Contact me for a free consultation.

       With Warmest Regards,