Nothing in life is more important than family, and few things are more taxing than personal and family problems. Bryan Cermak pays particularly close attention to your personal needs and will counsel you through those difficult times, always keeping your best interests in mind.

The area of business litigation encompasses a wide range of scenarios, from contracts and employment issues to intellectual property disputes. Bryan Cermak will fight for your company's rights and provide you with the exceptional representation your company deserves.

Bryan Cermak's commercial litigation experience spans the full range of issues that arise for companies including contract litigation,  insurance and indemnification claims and coverage, real estate, and disputes relating to many other types of transactions.


I have used Bryan’s services for my small business, and have been very impressed. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a fair, hardworking lawyer who will not only work for you, but also with you.

Aaron, Plymouth MI

Having more than 35 years litigation experience and talent, Bryan Cermak is dedicated to upholding the law and defending your rights. With Bryan, the focus is on you. Count on him to be your champion and provide you with the solid legal representation and counsel you deserve.

I was recently in serious accident and needed a lawyer to handling my rather complex case. Mr. Cermak treated me with dignity and respect, handled my case as if it was the only one on his calendar.

Neal, NC