The cost of legal services is not just about the hourly rate being charged or the type of fee agreement being used. It is about meeting goals.  Your goals!  Bryan is committed to providing you with the best legal result, looking at all factors involving legal fees -- not just focusing on being the least expensive.  Bryan will assist you in identifying your legal needs and then works with you on a manageable fee arrangement.

             There are a number of ways in which  lawyers may charge their clients. There is not one right answer with respect to fee arrangements. Different client goals, needs, circumstances, and risk tolerances result in different choices that are right for different clients. Here are a few common types. 

1. Monthly fee arrangement. Perhaps the most common payment method for smaller businesses is to accept a monthly payment or fee arrangement towards the total balance. This method is rather simple and involves an hourly rate being charged with the company making an agreed upon payment at a designated time every month.

2. Hourly rate. The client pays an hourly rate for each hour worked (including, if necessary, an agreement capping the maximum amount of fees that will be charged).

3. Fixed or flat fee. A fixed fee is when it is agreed that a certain legal project will be completed for a specific fixed amount regardless of the hours worked. This puts the client in control of the maximum it is willing to spend on legal fees.

4. Contingency. Usually used for specific projects or cases where monetary compensation is involved such as a lawsuit. In this instance the client pays a certain percentage of the recovery as the legal fee.   No legal fee is paid if the case or claim is not successful.

5. Blended. A combination of the basic types of agreements above

Bryan will work within your budget,  create a billing plan that works for you and will work with you on payment terms. Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier’s Checks, and Money Orders are accepted. All major credit and debit cards are accepted as well.